RANQER Gaming Chair Mat RGB Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB


RANQER Gaming Chair Mat RGB

Introducing the Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB – taking your gaming experience to the next level! With vibrant RGB lighting, our mat adds an immersive atmosphere to your gaming setup. Illuminate your gaming space with customizable lighting effects, enhancing the aesthetics of your environment. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, our mat provides a stable and protective surface for your gaming chair while protecting your floors. Its non-slip backing ensures stability, while the sleek design adds a touch of style to any gaming space. Elevate your gaming experience with the Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB and immerse yourself in a world of color!

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Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB


Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB


Durable breathable PU leather

The Performance gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs. The breathable synthetic leather of the Ranqer Performance gives it a luxurious look and prevents wear and tear. This kind of breathable leather is also used in sports cars. The Performance gaming chair is built on a metal frame and covered with durable PU leather. The PU leather finish is a deep black colour that will steal the show!


Back and armrests and seat height

The Performance model has a tilt mechanism for an upright to downward position and height adjustment. The armrests can be moved horizontally and vertically. The extended backrest and adjustable cushions ensure that people above 1.70m (5'5 ft) can sit comfortably.

Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB
Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB


Perfectly ergonomic with memory foam

The chairs' ergonomic features and adjustability help prevent back pain. In fact, the neck and back cushion is individually adjustable. You no longer have to worry about a sore back after long hours behind the screen. The cushions are made of memory foam, which is very dense but moldable foam. It provides the right support for every body shape.


Tilt mechanism

The Ranqer Performance uses a Frog mechanism. This tilt mechanism uses 2 separate controls, one for locking and one for lifting the seat. This way you are able to personalize your seating position for optimal comfort and support.

Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB
Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB



The Performance gaming chair is built on a metal frame. The metal frame has a sturdy look and offers great stability. The gas spring supports players up to 200 kilos (440 lb). In addition, the chair is equipped with 5 wheels and matted legs.



For the persistent, self-respecting gamer

Whether you work in an open office space, from home or in a private office, the Ranqer chairs are designed to look professional and provide comfort. Modern, sleek and affordable – three words which describe the Ranqer gaming chairs perfectly. If you want to look like a pro gamer or pimp up your office, you will find a suitable (gaming) chair for you. Beside the incredible support they provide, the Ranqer chairs look modern and timeless.

It is everyone’s personal preference whether their optimal office chair is black or colourful. Choose the model Felix, Felix Office, Carbon or Performance for a simple yet elegant look. Those who enjoy a little colour in the office or some special effects can choose for one of the RGB / LED lighting chairs such as the Aura and Halo models. The PU leather gives the chair an elegant and luxurious look and is low in maintenance. However, we do advise you to take good care of your chair to guarantee longevity.



Neck pillow: (W) 26 x (H) 22 x (D) 9 cm | 10 x 9 x 4 inches
Lumbar pillow: (W) 34 x (H) 30 x (D) 8 cm | 13 x 12 x 3 in

Adjustable backrest: 90-170°
Backrest width: 59 cm | 23 in
Backrest length: 88 cm | 35 in

Adjustable armrests 4D: 8 cm | 3 in
Armrest to armrest: 74 cm | 29 in
Armrest lowest to highest: 60 – 78 cm | 24 – 31 in

Min. seat height: 50 cm | 20 in
Max seat height: 60 cm | 24 in

Seat surface width with side: 56 cm | 22 in
Seat surface width without side: 44 cm | 17 in
Seat surface depth: 58 cm | 23 in

Wheelbase diameter: 73 cm | 29 in

Base is made of durable metal

Max weight: 200 kg | 440 lb
Chair weight: 24.5 kg | 10 lb

Dimensions chair: (W) 74 x (H) 134 – 142 x (D) 78 cm | 29 x 53 – 56 x 31 in

Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB

Our strengths

Highly ergonomic
Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB
Inspired by racing
Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB
Dutch design
Ranqer Gaming Chair Mat RGB


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Great comfortability and great design. Ranqer gaming chairs available now. Elevate your gaming set-up by choosing one of the four luxurious gaming chairs.