Blog - Gaming chair for tall and heavier people
Blog - Gaming chair for tall and heavier people

Gaming chair for tall and heavier people

What should I choose?

Game chairs for taller or heavier people are a problem in themselves, almost all game chairs that you see on your favourite gamers, streamers or YouTubers, have a height and weight limitation that not all people can fit. But don’t worry, there are excellent game chairs for taller and heavier people.

Which are actually more comfortable than their counterparts. In this blog, we will let you know what to look out for when making your purchase decision and which game chair is right for you!

Blog - Gaming chair for tall and heavier people

Ranqer Comfort

The Ranqer Comfort is the ideal gaming chair for tall and heavy individuals. With its premium finish, extra thick padding and an impressive weight capacity of 200 kg, this chair provides an unparalleled gaming, working, and learning experience. No other gaming chair combines these features with a stylish design. The Ranqer Comfort is among the most comfortable chairs available. Although it is specifically designed for heavier users, it also offers excellent comfort for gamers of all sizes. Thanks to the class 4 gas lift and sturdy base with five wheels, this gaming chair is particularly popular among larger gamers!


– Height: 134-142 cm

– Adjustable armrests

– Star base

– Class 4 gas lift

– Adjustable height

– Adjustable seat

– Weight capacity: up to 200 kg

– Seat: width 51 cm, height adjustable up to 8 cm, depth 48 cm

– Backrest: width 46 cm, height 78 cm


Click here for the Ranqer Comfort

Blog - Gaming chair for tall and heavier people

Ranqer Felix

This gaming chair offers a first-class seating experience at an entry-level price. All components and materials used in this series are carefully selected to provide the support you deserve during long sessions behind the computer. Even if you're a bit taller!


– Adjustable seat height, armrests and back

– Maximum weight 150 kg

– Back and neck cushions

The Ranqer Felix Gaming Chair is available in different colours


All Ranqer chairs are made from durable, high-quality PU leather to guarantee longevity. They all have a tilt mechanism for upright to downward positioning and are height adjustable. The Ranqer gaming chairs also have a nylon base, this means that you will not be distracted by the creaking sounds that a metal base usually makes. Furthermore, the base comes with (coloured) accents that also have an anti-slip material which you can rest your feet on.