All About Ranqer
All About Ranqer


Who are we?

Your partner for gaming and office solutions

We are Ranqer. A Dutch gaming brand set out to help gamers get the most out of their game. As a group of gamer geeks, we know the difference good gaming gear can bring. So that’s what we do.

We design, develop and produce a wide product range of gaming chairs, gaming desks, monitor arms, racing simulator gear and accessories.

At Ranqer we strive to give every gamer the possibility to express themselves with their own unique gaming set-up. We do this by developing gaming products that pushes the limits of what a gamer can do. Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?

What do we do?

All About Ranqer

We are like our customers

Understanding what is needed

Our products are designed for gamers, but are also used in a lot of office spaces. Whether you like to lighten up your gaming space, sit comfortably in your office or want to have a colorful chair – at Ranqer you can find the perfect Gaming or working space for you. We work hard to make gaming more immersive and fun by improving set-ups, so that each gamer can have a chance to personalize their experience.

Ranqer Racing

Ready, set, go…

Ranqer also shares the passion of Racing – our products are inspired by racing and in modern dutch design. With Ranqer you can not just upgrade your racing setup, but also make your racing experience way more immersive. With Ranqer you’re not just accelerating and boosting your performance to a new level, but you’re also mastering the challenges of tight corners.

All About Ranqer

Why do we do it?

All About Ranqer

It all starts with a dream

This is for the true gamers

Years ago a group of gamers came together with a dream to change the gaming market for good. Frustrated with the current highly priced or low quality gaming accessories, they set out to change things. To design and develop gaming products that could actually meet the high standards of a true gamer. With that ambitious mission Ranqer was born. As gamers we understand that every piece of gaming hardware can be the difference between winning or losing that important match. But at Ranqer we believe gaming is about more than just competition. Gaming unites people.


Building a community

We are here for the long run, not the quick wins. As we use the feedback from many gamers to better our products every day. In the end they are the reason why we do it. To help gamers get the most out of there game. With the Ranqer community we strive to connect people all over the world by making gaming more accessible and affordable. Everybody should have the opportunity to experience the true essence of gaming. Are you supporting our mission?

All About Ranqer

How do we do it?

All About Ranqer

Making an idea a reality

From start to finish

At Ranqer we take deep care of the design, development and production proces off our entire product line. Striving for our high quality product standards should never go at cost of the environment or the people helping to build our brand. The story of a brand is never only about the products themselves, but also how they were crafted and by who.

Labor and human rights

Because we care

Transparency and honesty are crucial pillars of our organisation. That goes beyond the people in our offices. Our strict company policy guards the work environment in our factory aswell. Making sure labor rights and sustainability rules are always protected. That begins with making sure that our production environment is safe and healthy for our employees. Tasks that are too heavy to execute over a long time have been taken over by robots. It’s one of the things we’ve implemented to reduce the pressure on the people making all of this possible. Without them none of our products would have come to life

All About Ranqer
All About Ranqer

Making our products accessible

Affordable price and high quality

By collaborating with premium suppliers we are able to keep the costs of our materials as low as possible, but ensuring the quality never goes below our high standards. This is important to ensure our gaming and office products are accessible to as many people as possible.

Our contribution to sustainability

Designed to be repaired

Our products are crafted to endure long gaming marathons while embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility. Engineered for longevity, Ranqer is designed to withstand the test of time. What sets us apart is our dedication to making repair and maintenance hassle-free. Within the generous 2-year warranty period, all spare parts are shipped to you at no extra cost, ensuring uninterrupted gaming experiences. Even beyond the warranty, we uphold our promise by offering spare parts at affordable prices, fostering a culture of repair over replacement. All of our products are delivered within a sustainable cardboard to prevent environmental harm.

All About Ranqer

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Points of sale

Ranqer is available in a wide area of webshops all over the Europe. Visit them to check out the latest Ranqer products.