All About Ranqer
All About Ranqer



For the persistent, self-respecting gamer

We take what’s already there, make it better, and keep it affordable. Gaming is more than just a hobby, it is a lifestyle that many people have adopted over the last couple of years. Gaming connects people, builds communities, and improves social interactions via its platforms. Being a part of such an important community is not only our goal but also our motivation.

We work hard to make gaming more immersive and fun by improving set-ups, so that each gamer can have a chance to personalize their experience. With Ranqer, you not only create a gaming kingdom, but you rule over it however you like.


All About Ranqer


Revolutionize the gaming chair industry

We are who you need us to be. We are your expert for (gaming) chairs, we are your friend to talk to if you have doubts. We are all working on revolutionizing the gaming chair industry. We want to make sure that you are having the best experience whilst enjoying your time in front of the screen. No more long hours of sitting on a chair that is uncomfortable – with the right chair, the right adjustments and just a little bit of spice you can stay seated without a guilty conscience. 


Comfort, quality, and originality

We strive for excellence, by focussing on comfort, quality, and originality. The Ranqer gaming chairs are made with high-quality and durable materials, while keeping your budget in mind. We also designed the Ranqer gaming chairs to be versatile. By having various colourways, you are ensured that you will find your perfect chair. The Ranqer gaming chairs were originally designed as gaming chairs, but they can also simply be used as desk or office chairs.

All About Ranqer
All About Ranqer


Deliver greater performance

With the Ranqer gaming chairs you will no longer have back pains. Designed for the curve of your spine, so that your back is always fully supported. Each chair has two pillows, each supporting the most important areas, the neck and the lower back. They can both be fully adjusted to your likability, to maximize your comfort. In addition to preventing back problems, you naturally want to keep your focus in game. With these revolutionary Ranqer gaming chairs you will deliver better performance and dominate every gaming session!


All About Ranqer



Ranqer is a brand aimed specifically at gamers. It started with a goal to make and market the very best gaming chairs, at an affordable price for everyone. After the first Ranqer gaming chairs hit the market, Ranqer quickly grew into one of the top brands on the Dutch market. Now we design and manufacture a wide range of innovative gaming chairs, focusing on delivering quality, durability and ergonomics. We work hard to make gaming more immersive and fun by improving set-ups, giving every gamer the chance to personalize their experience. With Ranqer, you don't just create a gaming kingdom, you rule it the way you want to.



We believe in protecting more than just our customers with an ergonomic gaming chair. We want to help and support the planet that keeps us all alive. We want our entire product chain, our products, the distribution channel, our packaging and our energy consumption in the office to be sustainable. Our sustainability goal is to become a climate-positive company. We want to bring more happiness into our world with no more unnecessary waste. We are grateful for what we have created and received, and so we want to protect it for those yet to come.

All About Ranqer
All About Ranqer



Our gaming chairs contain built-in RGB lamps. These RGB lamps have a long lifespan and save energy. The bulbs remain very vibrant after months of use, just like in the beginning. Because LED bulbs use less energy, they also give off less heat. Now you don't have to worry about your chair overheating. Worry less about your energy costs and concentrate on winning the game!



On the right you can see our shipping box. For our shipping boxes of the gaming chairs we do not use color. We do this because it is harmful to the environment and because of this it can be recycled.

All About Ranqer

Our strengths

Highly ergonomic
All About Ranqer
Inspired by racing
All About Ranqer
Dutch design
All About Ranqer


You deserve it

Great comfort and design. Ranqer gaming chairs available now. Elevate your gaming set-up by choosing one of the four luxurious gaming chairs.