Blog - What is the correct sitting position for a gaming chair?
Blog - What is the correct sitting position for a gaming chair?

What is the correct sitting position for a gaming chair?

What should I pay attention to?

A gaming chair is a must for your gaming setup these days. A gaming chair is perfect for getting a better gaming experience. These chairs are made so that you can sit behind your console for a long time without your back or neck hurting. A good gaming chair ensures that you always sit in the right position, because if you don’t, it can cause injuries. In addition, gaming chairs also function perfectly as office chairs, especially in this day and age, when we still often work from home. Even when working from home, it is important that you sit on your chair properly. What is the correct posture in a gaming chair and how do you make sure you get the right one? You can read it in this blog!

Why a gaming chair? 

A gaming chair has several advantages over regular office chairs. Firstly, they are ergonomic. This means that the chairs can be adjusted to the circumstances and characteristics of people, enabling them to function optimally. Why is this important? Everyone has a different build. A non-ergonomic chair may be fine for one person, but not for another. A gaming chair can be adjusted in such a way that it fits almost everyone perfectly!


Game chairs are covered with cushions which fit your body well. Often the chairs come with an extra adjustable neck and back cushion. These can be adjusted so that you are always sitting comfortably, even if you have to adopt the same position for a long time. Sitting comfortably at all times also reduces stress. If you are in the middle of a blood-curdling game or have a long day of work at home, having problems with your back or neck can result in stress.


Want to know more about a gaming chair as an office chair? Then take a look at the Ranqer Felix Office. This chair is the perfect combination of a gaming and office chair because of all its features.

Important aspects of a game chair

Apart from the ergonomics of a game chair, there are some more aspects that are important for a good game chair: seat height, seat depth and seat width.


  • Seat height: the correct seat height naturally depends on the height of the person sitting on the chair. In addition, there are a number of different aspects which ensure that you maintain the correct seat height. You should be able to sit with your back firmly against the backrest and, at the same time, place both feet flat on the floor. Is this not the case? Then adjust the height of your chair. Also make sure that there is still room between the seat and your upper legs. You should be able to place your hands under your upper legs and reach the floor with your feet flat. If this is not possible, it can cause injuries. Are you very tall and are you looking for a gaming chair, then look at the  Ranqer Felix, Felix Office, Performance or Halo RGB.
  • Seat depth: seat depth has everything to do with the way your upper legs are placed on the chair. A good seat depth is achieved by placing your back against the backrest and sitting all the way back. The back of your knees should not touch the front of the chair, there should also be a small open space. Are you short and there is no space between the back of your knee and the front of the chair? Then look at chairs for smaller people.
  • Seat width: Your hip width is important for the seat width. If you can sit comfortably on the gaming chair’s seat without the sides of your legs touching the armrests, you have the perfect seat width. If this is not the case, you can always look at the Ranqer Performance, this model is even wider and has a maximum load capacity of 200kg.

If these three parts are not good, it can cause injuries. So take a good look at the specifications of the chair when you want to get rid of one. And make sure you adjust the chair so that it fits you perfectly.

Important components of a gaming chair

A game chair consists of many components. But there are three parts that determine whether or not you have a good posture: the seat, the backrest and the armrests.


  • The seat: as mentioned under seat depth, it is important that the back of your knees should not touch the front of the chair. There should be a small open space. Also, always keep your knees in a 90° bend, which is better for your back and for your legs. If it is too long, you cannot put your feet on the floor as well. And this, in turn, is important for the seat height.
  • The backrest: this should fit your spine perfectly. In most cases, a slightly curved backrest provides the ultimate sitting position. It is important that your whole back touches the backrest. With an ergonomic gaming chair, you can adjust this all by yourself. In this case, choose a gaming chair with an adjustable backrest or with included back and neck cushions.
  • The armrests: The last important part of the gaming chair is the armrest. These should be able to move with you all the way through your homework or gaming. They should be able to move up and down and be retractable. You should also pay attention to the length of the armrests, they should be long and wide enough for your elbows and forearms to rest on them easily. Preferably at a 90° angle. The ideal height for your armrests is the same height as the desk you are sitting at. If all this is in order, you avoid the risk of neck, shoulder and back complaints.

A distinction is made between different armrests. Here they are all listed:

– 1D armrest: The 1D armrest is only adjustable in height. With this armrest, you can support your arms at the right height, in a 90° bend.

– 2D armrest: The 2D armrest is adjustable in height and in width. Do you have a wide or narrow torso? The width adjustment allows you to position the armrests closer or further away from your body.

– 3D armrest: The 3D armrest is adjustable in height, width and depth. The top of the armrest can be slid forwards or backwards. This allows you to determine the distance of your armrest from the desk for an ergonomic sitting position.

– 4D armrest: The 4D armrest is adjustable in height, width, depth and has a swivel arm cushion. You can turn it inwards when typing or outwards when using a mouse. This way, your arm always gets the full support.

What is the best way to sit on a gaming chair?

In short: Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. The back of your knees should not touch the front of the chair. Make sure you have enough room to move between the backrests. Your entire spine should be touching the backrest and your armrests should be adjusted to the right height. If all this is good, you make sure that the chance of neck, shoulder and back complaints is reduced to a minimum.

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