Blog - Office chair or gaming chair?
Blog - Office chair or gaming chair?

Office chair or gaming chair

Which is better?

It is a difficult choice for many people because they often find it an expensive purchase. Nowadays, working at home is normal, on such a day you often sit for a long time in the same setting and your posture is important. Therefore, it is important to have a good chair at home, but do you achieve this goal with an office chair or with a gaming chair?


The legislation of office and gaming chairs

There are many different office and gaming chairs in the Netherlands, and certainly in the world. Because everyone is different in height, the chair must be adjustable, which is why the European Union has made special rules for this. These are the NEN-EN 1335 guidelines; in simple terms, they stipulate that all office and gaming chairs must be adjustable. When an office chair meets the NEN-EN 1335 guidelines, you can be sure that approximately 85% to 95% of all people, in terms of dimensions, can sit on this office chair. This also applies to gaming chairs, so read below why you should choose a gaming chair over an office chair!


Why should you choose a gaming chair?

After a busy day behind your laptop, you want to relax, but how do you do this? Gaming is a fun pastime for millions of people around the world, it takes you into another world where you can unwind. However, this has to be done well with the right gaming chair. Fortunately, we can help you with this, because we have a large assortment of gaming chairs, which you can find here!



It’s very nice when you’re comfortable while gaming, then you can fully focus on your game and you’ll also perform better. You can totally adjust the gaming chair to your preference. With every Ranqer game chair you get removable cushions that you can place on the chair so you can sit even more comfortably. This will make your gaming experience even better!



A gaming chair is a beautiful addition to your room. You can choose your preferred colour combination and the material of your chair. Besides, there are even chairs with lights that you can turn on while gaming, with such a chair you’ll amaze your friends!


Tip from Ranqer: Want to go for the ultimate office chair look? Then choose our Felix Office. This model has a natural real leather look with a natural and calming appearance.



Gaming chairs are very easy to maintain! Especially because of Ranqer’s PU leather upholstery, most stains can be removed with a wet cloth. A cloth over it and you have it like new again. A gaming chair is specially designed to last. Did your chair get dirty or does it squeak a bit and does this irritate you? Check out the blog about my gaming chair squeaks and creaks, what should I do?

A good gift?

Of course it is! For every beginning gamer this is a must, it makes your whole gaming set complete. Nowadays, it’s an even better gift because most students have to work at home and need a good place to do so. You can also use the gaming chair during your digital classes, it’s comfortable and on camera you have a cool chair that everyone will envy (especially if you have one with lights!) Are you still doubting between an office chair or a gaming chair? Take a look at the complete Ranqer range.


All Ranqer chairs are made from durable, high-quality PU leather to guarantee longevity. They all have a tilt mechanism for upright to downward positioning and are height adjustable. The Ranqer gaming chairs also have a nylon base, this means that you will not be distracted by the creaking sounds that a metal base usually makes. Furthermore, the base comes with (coloured) accents that also have an anti-slip material which you can rest your feet on.